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We started our plumbing company in London with an idea that we should be different from every other plumbing company out there. Moreover, we want to provide excellent plumbing services in London at honest prices and we believe we’ve delivered on that.

We have several years of experience in our service area in London. Moreover, as a one of the leading local plumbers we have helped countless businesses and residences alike with the upkeep and maintenance of their indoor plumbing in London.

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Setting benchmarks in this field through their works and letting their work speak for themselves our team provides all the professional help, one can always rely on 24-7. The issues related to plumbing at home, office or large commercial ones can be effectively managed by them leaving no space for complaints and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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The exemplary services offered in the fields of emergency plumbing, clogged toilets maintenance, water heaters, faucets, sinks & fixtures, water filtration systems, garbage disposal repairs, hydro jetting and drain cleaning are dependable to the core and with enough personnel to manage it, one can be assured of on-time work at budget-friendly rates.

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Local plumbers in London, offering reliable, quality & affordable plumbing, heating & boiler services to residents and businesses across London

Need Reliable Local Emergency Plumbing Services? At HomeFix4You , we provide high-quality services in East  London for many years. Each of our technicians are experts with extensive histories in the plumbing industry. Our policy is to make ourselves available for as long as possible in the event that you need emergency services. We are open 24-hours a day, every single day out of the year in the event of emergencies and we will promise to be as fast as possible, often within one hour from the phone call.

For years, we at HomeFix4You in East London have been working nonstop to provide you with the best emergency plumbing services in  East London. We offer a complex suite of services revolving around maintenance, repair, and installation. We also offer water heater installation and repair in case anything bad could or can happen. So, we will have it covered and repaired before a problem even arises. We will never overcharge you nor will we put other clients first. When you call us, you speak directly to us, so call us today and let’s help you out.

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What is a plumber’s job? The answer is to have the required skills in order to get the job right. 

Plumbers install and repair water and gas pipes as well as cleaning the waste from the pipes. A professional plumber has many skills such as fixing bathtubs, sinks, toilets and appliances e.g. Dishwasher and washing machines. A plumber with experience is able to give training to appetences and supervise others with less experience. Plumbers also work alongside other construction workers. 

Plumbers must perform the following tasks:

  • Install pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Give recommendations and related pricing to customers
  • Check where the problem is coming from and fix it 
  • Clear obstructions from sink drains and toilets
  • Repair pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Estimate costs of installations and repairs
  • A plumber must have the capability of performing these tasks in order to ensure that proper functioning of properties’ plumbing systems.
  • Plumbers are responsible for the installation, maintenance, modification, and repair of plumbing fixtures for drainage and water systems.
  • A plumber handles domestic appliances such as water heaters and dish washers to ensure they operate efficiently.

When our plumbers arrive at the job they will inspect and explain to the customer the procedure that needs to be carried out in order to get the job done. Also our plumber will explain the cost of the materials and the labour cost for the required job.

When there is a leak a plumber will identify where the leak is coming from in order to fix it. If there are other faults they will explain to the customer what other work needs to be carried out. 

A plumbers van is equipped with different tools and equipment such as wrench, spade, drainage unblocking machine etc. Our plumbers are ready for any job any time to give you a hand. When there is a pipe under the floor or inside the wall that needs changing they will inform the customer that they may need to cut holes in order to access the broken pipes.

  • We install plumbing systems such as sinks, toilets, taps, and also install supports and hangers for plumbing fixtures and pipes.
  • They also carry work of operating and monitoring pressure gauges in order to identify leaks and fix them.
  • They meet relevant building codes, legislations, and policies.
  • They quote for the work of the plumbing service.  

A plumber needs to have some qualities such as physical strength and problem solving skills in order to excel in their job


Plumbers usually travel to different customers address to perform their jobs. They also deal with office buildings, restaurants etc. Sometimes they work in tight spaces, typically indoors, but some may work outside, even in poor weather. 

Categories of plumbing systems or subsystems are:


  • Potable cold and hot water supply
  • Traps, drains, and vents
  • Septic systems
  • Rainwater, surface, and subsurface water drainage
  • Fuel gas piping
  •  Plumbing Materials Include: 
  • PVC for plumbing potable water, non-potable water, drain and waste lines
  • Chromed brass for plumbing waste lines
  • Chromed copper for water supply lines
  • Galvanized steel for drain and waste lines as well as water supply lines
  • Copper for plumbing drain and waste as well as water supply lines
  • CPVC for water supply lines
  • PEX for water supply lines
  • Black iron for gas pipes


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